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Pribina Dairy - Přibyslav

Závod Přibyslav

History of the dairy in Příbyslav

The dairy production in Přibyslav has its roots in a pastoral cooperative in the Vysočina Region in the period between the World Wars. During the following years, an industrial production is developing in Přibyslav as well as in the neighbouring dairies (Polná, Velká Losenice, Havlíčkova Borová), while after the end of the World War Two, a modern plant is built in Přibyslav, together with a plant for production of canned fruit. At that time, the company name PRIBINA is created.

The plant produces “Pribináček”, a fruit juice “Pribinka”, and since 60’s, a soft cheese named “Hermelín” – since the year 1976, on a German line, modern at that time. Production of processed cheese is being developed.

In the year 1993, following its privatization, a French family company Bongrain purchases the dairy, while after some massive investments into equipment and premises, Pribina becomes one of the biggest producers of cheese in the Czech Republic. Selection of soft cheese is being extended under the brand name “Král sýrů” (King of Cheese) using French technologies, production of “Pribináček” is being modernized, and also selection of other products is being extended. Nowadays, Pribina belongs to the top producers of dairy products concerning its level of hygiene and quality of production.